Conservatory Air Conditioning

By far the best way of cooling your conservatory is installing an efficient air conditioning system. There are portable and fixed air conditioning units available and both will effectively cool down your conservatory. Many fixed air conditioners also have an integral heat pump which will heat the conservatory very economically on a cold winter evening. Portable air conditioning units can prove to be a simpler and more affordable way of cooling (and in the winter, heating) your conservatory

It is also worth considering evaporative coolers. These are a more economical option and can be used in conservatories which enjoy good natural ventilation. They simply require a daily ‘fill-up’ with water and can lower the temperature by 10 C (50 F) or more.
Other simple alternatives include the installation of blinds which will reduce the heat entering the conservatory. They will not completely cool down the room, although they will make a significant difference to the temperature.

In addition to this, solar coatings on the conservatory glass can be used to reduce the temperature. These work by allowing in light rays but reflecting up to 80% of the heat, thus effectively preventing solar energy from entering the conservatory. These do reduce the heat build-up but will not prevent the room from heating up completely.

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